Get Flashy Photo Booth

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a professional photographer. Why should I have a booth?

Night and day difference..
The professional photographer is there to document the entire event, detail shots, portraits etc..
The photo booth serves as an icebreaker, entertainment and a keepsake for each guest to take home with them and remember how much fun they had at your event.  The photo booth can also have a positive effect on the dance floor because it encourages guests to loosen up!

What do you need to operate at my event?

Standard power outlet (15-20amps) within 25 feet of the booth and a 6 foot table for the props, memory book etc…
A flat surface to keep the booth stable is a must.
If outside we’ll need guaranteed shade (to preserve image quality) and protection from excess wind.
Also, a clear loading path that is accessible with a cart/dolly.
If the venue has no path or stairs only then additional labor for setup assistant may apply.

How much space do you need?

Ideally to make it most comfortable and a good flow we just need a minimum of 8-10 ft of wall space for the backdrop and 6-8 feet for the photo booth and prop table with a minimum of 8 ft ceiling height.

How does your booth work?

Just jump in and get flashy!
Our booth had a touch screen with very easy to follow instructions so it’s self contained but we always include a fun & professional attendant to help your guests and keep it flowing smoothly.

What’s included?

Our basic package includes the photo booth, attendant, unlimited prints and tons of props.
We provide a standard white or black backdrop but you can upgrade to more flashy backdrops for minimal cost.

Is there a charge for setup & teardown?

If you book us for a 4 hour period then we’d arrive 1 hour prior for setup and teardown after the 4 hours of service are completed.

Do photos print on the spot?

Yes, your photos print within seconds.
If you add the memory book package then we’ll print doubles. (one for your gets and one for the book)

Will I get copies of the photos?

Yes, after the event we also upload all the photos to our site and send you a private link for easy viewing, downloading and so your guests can order additional prints if they desire.
The site is password protected so your images will not be available to the public.

Will anyone else see our photos?

We value your privacy and understand that during a party when drinks are flowing people can let loose.  We keep your photos on file for 6 months in case you need access to them again but then they are deleted.   Your photos would never be shared, sold or posted without your consent.
Occasionally we like to use photos from our events to continue promoting our business but that is all.
Sometimes we have clients who have celebrity guests attend or they simply value their privacy.  If this is the case let us know in advance and we can screen any images prior to uploading

Is there a limit to the number of photos or prints?

No way!
All our packages included unlimited photos and prints.

How is the quality?

We use top notch equipment including a DSLR camera so your images will be flashy!  This is important because may other companies use a webcam or point and shoot camera and have less control over the image quality. Our DSLR camera and software allow us to constantly adjust the image quality and ISO range if lighting conditions change during the event.

Are you insured?

Yes we carry a $1 million liability policy which is standard for most venues.

Does your booth do social media?

Yes for an additional cost we can add the ability for guests to immediately upload their photos to social media.

If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to CONTACT US